It all started with a very hardworking woman, Charita Palmares Puentespina, receiving a medical advice to take a break after getting sick and take a real good rest from her responsibility as a Comptroller from their family-owned business, her equally hardworking husband, Roberto, had put up. At home, she made their house backyard a therapy by growing and tending flowers and plants. She developed curiosity and fondness for Orchid flowers in particular, which soon, bloomed into a flower business and where Puentespina Orchid Garden started and catapulted her to fame and wealth.


Design and Architecture



Our team strives to lead the visual concept, architecture, interior decoration, aesthetics style and décor of hotels evoking an astounding feeling in the guest. We keep the design modern, contemporary and cutting-edge, often minimalistic but with the dash of elegance and luxury.



We design restaurants playing with design colors and lighting schemes that raise and rejuvenate guests’ appetite and total satisfaction, at the same time elevating the entire setting to a grand luxurious scale.



We design our parks and resort with exuberant, spacious, memorable and as well as functional scheme. We introduce revolutionary new concepts that exhibits a total environment destination that makes a memorable guest experience. We surface for soft indoor play structures or outdoor playground equipment as an integral part of the guests’ development, both socially and physically. We craft for structures that are ideal for entertainment and soothing, great features to attract guests.


Resort Policy

We work hard to make your visit a memorable one. While you’re enjoying yourself, we ask you to be considerate of other visitors, resort personnel, and the welfare of our plants, animals and other wildlife. This means above all behaving responsible and politely towards others. We also ask you to abide by these rules. They constitute our terms and conditions of business with visitors and were drawn up to avoid misunderstandings.


Do not feed our animals. You may only feed animals at the Bird Feeding & Watching Dome and in the Petting Zoo with the supervision of Resort Personnel with feeds exclusively provided by the Resort.


All persons, bags, parcels and other items may be subject to security checks at the point of admission to the Resort and at other locations inside the Resort as we consider appropriate. Firearms and weapons of any kind are prohibited.


Guests will use all facilities and amenities of the resort at their own risk and we shall not be held liable for accidents, injuries, or losses from any cause.


We have a café and restaurants inside the Resort, bringing in of food and drinks is not permitted.


Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult for supervision. The Resort and its staff assume no responsibility for the supervision of children but only uphold the safety regulations and the conditions of use of Resort Facilities and Amenities.


Do not pick flowers, seeds, fruits and plants and bring them with you. Should you be interested in purchasing them, please seek assistance from our Resort Personnel.


Bringing any other animals into the Resort is prohibited, in the interest of the safety and health of our animals.


We reserve the right to deny admission, or to require a person already admitted to leave the Resort, without refund or compensation, for failure to comply with any of the Resort rules, for unsafe, illegal or offensive behavior, to ensure safety, security or order, or if we consider that the circumstances so require.


Park hours are from 8:00am - 5:00pm for all Resort Attractions. Last Admittance is at 4:30. However, Restaurant is open to cater diners from 6:00pm - 9:00pm. We may, without prior notice and without refund or compensation, change the operation hours, close the Park or any part of it temporarily, restrict the number of persons having access, and/or suspend or cancel any attraction or program, due to capacity, inclement weather or special events to ensure safety, security or order, or if we consider that the circumstances so require.


Proper attire must be worn at all times. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the guest rooms and public areas of the resort in compliance of the City Ordinance of Davao City. Failure to comply may be apprehended by the nearest Smoke-Free Task Force of the city and will be subjected to government sanction and Hotel Cleaning Fee of 10,000 maximum. Alcohol consumption must be controlled especially in the presence of other groups, profanity and display of lewd gestures and behavior must be avoided.