Nature, Culture, and Davao Homegrown Premium in Symphony

Our Advocacy

Support Local

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We are advocates of the Farm-to-Table movement – transforming our homegrown single-origin products in to edible, top tier fusion cuisines. This movement aims to highlight the significant contribution of local products to the economical fortification through our continuous support and patronization.

Preservation and Conservation


We are known for our unparalleled efforts in upholding environmental awareness and wildlife preservation. In 2004, Malagos Garden Resort became a certified member of Audobon International, an organization that delivers high-quality environmental education and facilitate the sustainable management of land, water, wildlife and other natural resources in all places people live, work and play.


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We believe that the best way to educate is through entertainment. We put the fun in learning through our Educational Modules that boast science-themed installations in both indoor and outdoor setting, interactive animal shows, and educational tours. We also uphold environmental awareness through emphasizing the ecological significance of various species.


Science in the Park

Featuring the 5 branches of Science – Physical, Earth, Math, Social and Life Sciences, The Parks of Malagos is collectively coined as “Science in the Park,” which boasts state-of-the art interactive installations for guests to learn and appreciate science in an outdoor setting while engaging in recreational activities